The Polka Dot Coach – Coaching for the Hidden You!

The Polka Dot Coach will support you to:

  • Listen to the Hidden You
  • Discover what you really want
  • Take consistent Polka Dot sized steps towards reaching your dreams


Who is The Polka Dot Coach?

Hi, I am Rositta and I was recently asked to write a profile for a project that enables people to improve their lives, and I found myself writing: “I am at an amazing place in my life where my passions and skills have been honed over a number of years of determined self-development, learning and dedication”. As I wrote it, I realised that even though achieving the life-style I want is an on-going process, I am, right now, at an amazing place in my life; my innermost passion is to empower you to discover and reach the amazing place in your life.

I still remember the first dynamic and vital life coach I worked with who connected immediately with my own passions and empowered me to get to the heart of what I wanted creatively. Her energy – joined with my own – was like a mirror image that enabled me to be pulled towards achieving my creative dream.

This is what I want to do for you and It is my joy to offer you a free consultation so that you can experience what it feels like to be coached. If you would like this experience, please send me your email below so that we can get the polka dots rolling in your life! 🙂

Vintage makeover by Renée at Labellejolie
Maybe you have hidden dreams and goals that you have never dared to fully explore…, maybe you want to feel supported as you take small, yet consistent steps towards something you are working on at the moment. I want to know what you want in your life – and if you are not sure, we can explore the possibilities together. I look forward to meeting you and empowering you towards the amazing place in your life!

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Rositta is a sensitive and perceptive coach who really listens. She is also warm and gentle in her approach, which encourages reflection and insight to take place. Being coached by Rositta brings quiet soulful enjoyment as she enables clients to find hidden gems within. Rositta is consistent, reflecting those qualities which support and enhance growth. I would recommend Rositta to anyone seeking a calm and grounded coach who will support them to find the best solution for any situation.


Every session with Rositta left me enthused, energised, but above all, with a clearer mind and clearer intentions. She’ll skilfully help you pull down barriers (and keep them there) and keep you focused on what you’re looking to achieve using the perfect combination of fun and focus. If you’re looking for someone who’s prepared to push your boundaries and allow you to make progress very quickly, I’d strongly recommend contacting Rositta. Thank you for your invaluable time and expertise.

– Heather

Working with Rositta helped me realize many things for myself, including how the way I tend to think about things limits my potential. She gave my confidence a huge boost and helped me feel ok with myself. She shared some tools and useful resources with me, including some great ‘mind-tricks’ that I still often use to help me get on track with my work and my motivation. Together we worked through the challenges I faced while making a transition from 9-5 work to becoming an entrepreneur. She made me feel comfortable during our sessions and enabled me to speak my mind, while keeping me challenged. Thank you, Rositta!

– Olga

The main thing for me is that you are immensely open and authentic. You do not try to hide who you are or pretend to be someone else. You are genuinely curious and interested in your client’s needs and issues. You are passionate about making a difference. You have a very encouraging and warm hearted tone and allow others to come out of their shell.

– Colleague, during a training exercise

Working with Rositta has been a great success for me. I started working with her when I was struggling to move  my coaching training forward. Rositta helped me to understand the things that were stopping me from moving forward and helped me to change my mind set toward them which enabled me to refocus and finish my coaching qualification. She always encouraged me and made me believe in myself. Thank you very much for the amazing sessions which helped me a lot moving forward in coaching! You are an amazing coach!
– Engin