End of Year Blues? Empty Days? Join my Empty To Energised FaceBook Group!

The “Empty To Energised” FB group is the ultimate forum for you if your life feels empty and blue at this time of year. Whether you’re waking up alone on Boxing Day staring a soggy mince pie in the face or reaching for the Alka-selza after a heavy Chrimbo dinner, this vibrant and welcoming group is the perfect on-line forum for helping you get your Mo-Jo back.


When you’re ready to sign up – and it’s all free – the Empty to Energised group’s unique heart-centred feel allows you to reach others quickly and easily from anywhere in less than the twinkling of Santa’s eye. It feels like you are having coffee with a whole new bunch of like-minded friends. When it’s time to get some shut-eye at the end of the day, you can go to sleep feeling warm, fuzzy and re-connected to yourself and others.


Send your name and email to rositta@thepolkadotcoach.com and you’re in!

In this group you will:

  • Have a positive reason to get out of bed in the mornings.
  • Replace Christmas indulgences with the fresh glow of making new friends.
  • Feel wanted and valued through your contributions to a like-minded community.
  • Talk about what makes you feel warm and happy.
  • Share your laughter and tears with people who care.


The benefits for you are:

  • You will feel connected to others on a daily basis.
  • You will make new friends and feel part of something good.
  • You will have space to share your feelings and be inspired by others.
  • You will feel full of warmth and new energy.


My Story:

Figuring out how to get the maximum out of the days between Christmas and New Year (and during all public holidays) was a game changer for me. I constantly felt the void every year and missed out on meaningful moments until I hit upon the value of a vibrant and energising FB group where people could take part and feel connected.



Make this moment the start of your brand new intentions and send your name and email to join the Empty to Energised Group, to: rositta@thepolkadotcoach.com

Pssst! the Empty to Energised group is not just for Christmas – it’s for Life!

Got a deadline? Kick Your Procrastination to the Kerb with my Top Motivation Tips!

Got a bad case of writer’s block? Procrastination holding you back on completing that deadline? Get my Go-Moto Motivation Memo so you can pack off procrastination and get that project finished on time!


Drop your name and email below to discover my top tips for delivering your project or assignment, even when the going gets tough!

To: rositta@thepolkadotcoach.com


So, you have a deadline to meet, the pressure’s on, you must get the project finished on time but you just can’t seem to get on with it! Life gets in the way, tension builds and you can’t get moving.


How can my Go-Moto Motivation Memo help you?

  • Your mind goes blank and you just can’t think – the Go-Moto helps you take 5 minutes break and refresh your brain.
  • It’s 2pm and you haven’t quite managed to look at your books yet – the Go-Moto gently entices you to simply sit down at your desk and open the book. What good is that? When you take that first easy step, the rest will follow.
  • You woke up grumpy, in a bad mood and now you have to study! Like, enough already! The Go-Moto is at your side and helps you feel like you got out of the good side of the bed and gently encourages you to set yourself a positive intention for the day such as: I choose to be energised and inspired to complete this project.
  • Your body is aching, you have been slumped over the books and laptop for 4 hours…..you can’t move and you can’t think any more…the Go-Moto reminds you to breathe, move, stretch – giving you a new burst of energy.

I am Rositta, The Polka Dot Coach and I wrote the Go-Moto Motivation Memo because a lot of my clients describe how much they suffer from procrastination and how it makes them feel like a failure. I was so struck by this that I wanted to do something to help everyone. I am a big believer that we can help our selves to make great strides forward through tiny, yet consistent, actions.

So why not help yourself by dropping me an email to access your Free Go-Moto Motivation Memo, after all, the only moment that counts, is now!

Email me at: rositta@thepolkadotcoach.com and mention “Go-Moto” in the title bar.

I look forward to speeding you the Go-Moto and to hearing how you completed your projects on time. Your success is important to me!

Best to all,



All I Want for Christmas is a Playful Money Mind.

All I Want for Christmas is a Playful Money Mind.

“All I want for Christmas is……” How would you end that sentence? The cash to buy presents for my kids, a new job, money to play with?

Do you feel like you are always chasing money, trying to catch up, that money is your master, that you can hardly cover your bills? With Christmas approaching, how can the concept of “play” help you to overcome money pressure in today’s world?

Let’s create a picture:

Imagine a super-sized twenty pound note in the street ahead of you, the same size as a tower block building, moving quickly along, always staying confidently ahead in a powerful way. You are behind, running, puffing, gasping for breath, arms outstretched to try and catch it, but money stays ahead, out of reach, seemingly with a mocking smile at the corners of its rectangular mouth: “No chance, you won’t catch me! I’ll go where I want, I’ll do what I want, Yahhhh Boooo!”

Who’s got the power in that picture? Money has. Who feels small and in a state of lack? You do. If the above scenario is one that dominates your mind and thoughts, there is no wonder that it feels like finances have got the better of you.

We are pre-programmed from birth with a money-mind that sets us up for failure, but now is the time we can take responsibility for changing how we relate to money. You can put anything you want into your mind, and so why not play with reversing the above picture and see how it makes you feel?

Picture this:

You are as tall as a tower block building, striding confidently ahead, with a satisfied smile at the corner of your mouth, feeling full of magnificent power. The tiny little twenty pound note is down there on the pavement, and what’s more, you have it on a string or a lead and you are jerking it towards you whenever you want. Money has to obey. It goes where you command. Come on money, you can pay that bill; come on you naughty little note, you are going to buy that toy for my son; oi, money, get over here and pay for this Christmas hamper! A jerk of the lead and money comes over to pay. You are in command, you have the power. Feed this picture into your mind over and over again, with dedication and persistence and watch for the results.

We humans, as conscious living things, are surely designed to have authority over a few bits of paper called money. Money is a resource but no-one ever taught us how to use it. Taking on a new money mind-set will take some consistent visualisation and learning – let’s start now!

In line with money liking a playful attitude, I would like to set you all a challenge, and I will commit to doing it too:

Just before you fall asleep every night, picture yourself finding coins in every nook and cranny of your life. Imagine waking up, opening the packet of coffee and finding a pound coin there. Reaching out for the cup and finding it full of coins. You open the cereal and pour it into your dish, instead of the little toy, coins fall into your dish. Every single thing you normally do, imagine finding, with joy and gratitude, the surprise of a few coins, not once, but hundreds of times per day, everywhere! This is where playfulness, coupled with money, can start to change your mind-set.

To enhance the feeling of money being everywhere in your life, you could get a five pound note changed into small coins and put them all over your house and around your desk at work. Your brain just needs to be reminded that money is showing up in your life. Put that picture in your head and results will follow.

I am on this journey too and so I encourage you to give it a go; decide to change your thoughts and actions. Let me know how you get on in the box below, I’m looking forward to the playful discoveries.

Stressful times? How custard pies and giants help you cope!

Stressful times? How custard pies and giants help you cope!

Do you ever feel like someone is pointing the big finger at you and shouting: It’s your turn to have stressful times now!? Read on to find out how custard pies and giants can help you change perspective.


Are you having stressful times? We’ve all experienced it, suddenly a whole host of difficult events and moments start to hit you, like custard pies straight off the spinning wheel into your face! Bam, bam, bam…and another one – Splat! Hand me a towel and all is well, but if only our problems felt as easy to wipe off as custard pies!

I thought it would be useful to look at various coping strategies to help us through stressful times:

1). Grow yourself:

When your problems seem too big and too many, take steps to grow yourself rather than trying to get rid of the problems. You and I are eminently bigger than anything that happens to us, as we have the power to expand our inner awareness and to nurture our capacities and abilities; we can make some changes through our intelligence, and creativity.

2). Visualisation-Flip:

When everything is stressful and getting on top of you and you feel lousy and beaten down, it is not the easiest moment to visualise something wonderful, or is it…? Our minds are very good at seeing the negative and the worst possible scenario on the big screen in our heads, so, if we can see the negative really clearly, that means we are able to visualise. The trick is to flip that power of visualisation on the head and use it in the positive to see yourself as a giant towering above buildings, and see your problems as lots of little toy cars zooming around beneath you. You are the power in your world. The mini-cars can hardly be seen from up there where your giant’s head now sits at sky level. Play with this idea, it can be amazingly effective.

3). Help with decision-making:

I have to thank the author Jack Black for this wonderful strategy from his book “Mindstore for Personal Development” (highly recommended reading), where he introduces the idea of creating a Boardroom in your imagination, made up of people you like and respect, to help you with any decisions you are struggling to make. You can invite anyone into your Boardroom, be it family members, film characters, people who are still on earth, those who have passed away, historical people, cartoon characters, absolutely anyone that you would love to have around you.

Ask each of them in turn what they have to say about your current issue or circumstance and this will widen your perspective on options for going forward.

Let yourself go and fully enjoy the process of imagining what each of your chosen people would say, as this helps you to tap into your own creative energy, and to deal with the stressful time you are having. It also gives you more confidence to take action where you can (as we all know, we can’t change what happens to us, but we can change our reaction to it).

So, with great respect to the gravity of what any of us may be going through right now, here’s a custard pie in the face of all of our problems, and may the suggestions above give us at least a change of perspective and help to turn things around.

I would love to know your favourite coping strategies in the comments box below, or by email at: rositta@thepolkadotcoach.com