Maybe you’ve got a few coaching questions, Hmmmm?

Here are some answers!

1).What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaches work with clients on a one to one basis, empowering them to discover what they really want in life, and to take steps towards making it happen. Through the use of intuition and searching questions, the Life Coach supports the client to find their own wisdom within, and to find creative ways forward. Clients may come for Life Coaching with the aim of finding their purpose in life, or may bring particular issues or areas of life to work on such as career, finding a partner, healthy lifestyle etc.


2). Which kinds of people work with a Life Coach?

Anyone and everyone, from whatever background or stage of life, can greatly benefit from working with a life coach. Those who are already enjoying success in their life or business can reach a new level of personal or business success, going beyond their initial dreams. Those who are not quite sure which path to take in life can gain clarity, set goals for themselves and start taking measured steps towards what they want.


Here’s something wonderful: People of all and any age can see amazing results in their life through Coaching!



3). Is Life Coaching the same as Counselling or Therapy?

Life Coaching is not the same as Counselling or Therapy. Each approach is immensely valuable and appropriate to certain situations. Counselling and Therapy often look at past events in greater detail, and work with the client towards accepting events and emotions that occurred, as a basis for moving forwards.

Life Coaching works with the present and the future, however, it does not ignore or discount the past, as we are often locked into thought patterns that started way back. Life coaching acknowledges the influence of the past and supports the client to be fully in the present, discover who they are now and then live life in a fresh and empowered way.


4). How long does it take to get results?

Clients work with life Coaches for varying amounts of time, from a few weeks to several years although, most frequently, it will be for 3 months upwards. This allows real changes to occur and for any new learning to be absorbed and fully assimilated. It also gives actual life events a chance to catch up with the changes made in thinking patterns.

It is perfectly natural to start with a couple of taster sessions to experience what life coaching is like, however, whilst breakthroughs can happen in one or two sessions, results show that significant periods of coaching produce powerful change.


5). Can I expect my Life Coach to give me lots of lovely advice or Mentor me?

Straight talking answer is NO! Life Coaches are not in the business of giving advice. They are all about enabling you to find your own answers from within yourself. A fundamental belief of the CTI training I engaged in, is that clients are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. It is the role of the Life Coach to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity the client already has to achieve extraordinary results.