Coaching with The Polka Dot Coach

The “Polka Dot Coach” brand comes from my love of all things vintage, be it clothes, artefacts, styles etc. In my Coaching I want to really represent who I am so that you, as client, are getting the best of me, the fun of me and the passion in me.

What I offer you through my Coaching:

I have absolute respect for where you are right now. When you work with me as your Coach you will feel heard and appreciated. You will have the experience of feeling what it is like when someone really is in your corner and wants you to feel the beauty and success of your life.

I use creative and challenging questions, along with a sense of fun when empowering clients to find, or re-connect with, their own confidence, inner strength and capabilities. The pentagon of hats (scroll down on the home page) represents my creative side through which I bring fun into the coaching experience.

My clients:

I love working with people who have a bit of get up and go, or who are willing to find it again (even if it got up and went temporarily!).

We all have moments when we feel that some part of us has become stuck and this is usually related to thought patterns that were initiated within us much earlier in life. I am drawn towards working with people who are ready to change the thought patterns which are no longer serving them, those who recognise that it IS possible to make visible changes in their life, with the right support alongside.

How Coaching became a passion for the Polka Dot Coach:

In terms of the awesome contribution that Life Coaching has made in my life: over the past few years I have worked with at least four Life Coaches, each of whom has brought their own style of Coaching into my life and through whom I have made incredible advances in where I want to be.

I have worked on areas of my life such as the creative side, the spiritual aspect, relationships and career and I choose to continue benefiting my life from on-going coaching. It is my belief that Coaching can continue to serve everyone, at whatever stage of life they find themselves.

Although I knew from the moment of discovering Life Coaching, that it was right for who I am and that it would serve me in many ways, it nevertheless took quite a few years for me to get to the point of actually signing up to train as a Life Coach.

My choice of training institution was CTI – Coaches Training Institute. CTI is one of the highest respected Coaching Training Institutes in the world; their training course is experiential and demands an openness to intense personal growth. As a result of this training, I am now equipped to serve you – my clients – authentically and with love.

If you are drawn to having coaching with me – The Polka Dot Coach – please feel free to contact me through the Contact box below, or send me a message through the Contact Page.