Polka Dot Coaching: How I Work

I offer an initial, free coaching session (excepting “Discover You – Promote Me” – see below) where we see if we are a good match for the coaching journey. This has two fantastic benefits: it allows you to get a feel for whether I am the best coach for you right now, and allows me to know whether I would enjoy working with you as my client. Most of my coaching sessions  take place by skype (without camera); this is extremely convenient and beneficial to the coaching exchange, as clients have the privacy and comfort of home which allows them to relax and be fully present in the coaching moment. As Coach, I can tune into what you are saying and how you are saying it, I can be receptive to what might be behind the words (emotions, feelings) which is often as important as the words themselves.

Polka Dot Coaching Packages and Options

The Polka Dot “Discover You – Promote Me” Creative Exchange Option

For those who want to explore where they are at and get an idea of the changes they might like to make, I am offering The Polka Dot “Discover You – Promote Me” creative exchange; two individual discovery sessions of Life Coaching through a creative exchange that empowers both parties. (These Discovery sessions are designed to plant the seeds of change which would then need watering and tending through longer periods of Life Coaching, in order to produce lasting results).

This is how it works: You have the first Life Coaching Discovery session with me, and then, in order to unlock the second session, you refer a total of five email addresses to me from your contacts, with their permission for me to send them an introductory email about my coaching. I would also ask you to promote The Polka Dot Coach on your social media through “likes” etc.

This exchange is designed to empower those who, despite not currently having any disposable cash, want to offer something valuable back in exchange for two introductory Life Coaching sessions.

The Polka Dot Pow-Allow! (“Perspective Popper”)

This package sees you putting some POW into your life by deciding to ALLOW yourself to move forward in areas where you have been stuck for some time. It is also known as the “Perspective Popper” and is a really fun package that will allow you to see aspects of your life from very different angles.

There is an amazing quote: “Be the permission you are waiting for” and this is the package that enables you to get to that point.

This is a 4 week package that will leave you with the potential to always put a new perspective on what is happening in your life.

4 weeks, 4 sessions   //   Package Price £175

The Polka Dot Propeller

For those who have made an active decision to make some amazing changes in their life and are now ready to get stuck in. This is the “I am ready to get up off my orbital orbs and do something about it” package!

It is known as the “Propeller” Package as the investment of time, along with your proactive approach, will propel you forward in an exciting way and with great energy.

2 months, 7 sessions (3 per month + one extra)
Package Price £350 (paid in advance: either in full or in two instalments of 175).

The Polka Dot Celebration of Awesome Sensitivity

Oodles of celebration of who you are, leading to maximising your own particular gifts in the world! This package really gets to the heart of who you are as a sensitive person and explores the awesome effect you are having on the world by being exactly who you are.

4 weeks, 4 sessions, £175

The Polka Dot Positively Powerful

On-going sessions that you can schedule as required, either individually or in blocks of 2 – 6. This option is available once you have taken one or more of the other packages, (excluding “Discover You – Promote Me”).

Fees for this option will be confirmed prior to commencing the on-going sessions.

If you would like to book any of the coaching packages or request more information, please send me a message through the Contact Page.