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Useful Links:
If you are aiming to stop smoking, here is a useful forum:

A great collaborative space for creatives:

English Tutoring:

The Highly Sensitive Person, by Elaine N. Aron.
Creative Visualisation, by Shakti Gawain.
Creating Money, Keys to Abundance, by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer.
The Intuitive Way, A Guide to Living from Inner Wisdom, by Penney Peirce.
Beat Depression and Reclaim Your Life, by Alexandra Massey.
The Ant and The Elephant, Leadership for the Self, by Vince Poscente.
Mindstore for Personal Development, by Jack Black.
Cosmic Energy, How to harness the invisible energy around you to transform your life, by Anne Jirsch.
Shadows Before Dawn, Teal Swan.

Mindfulness for Health, by Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman.